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About SimpleLife

SimpleLife is a HIPAA compliant platform that makes work and life simple for patients, practices, law firms, and insurance companies.
With customized automation, we eliminate the need for emails, calls, faxes, and other archaic communication methods used today.

Start using SimpleLife and give your team more time to work with clients--not machines.

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MISSION: Our mission is to facilitate the swift and complete annihilation of all fax machines.

VISION: We imagine a world where you only use paper when you want to paint a picture of a meadow. We imagine a world where DVDs are not used to distribute medical imaging files. Honestly, that DVD... or is it CD? Do CDs still exist? What about blu-ray? That's still a thing, right? ANYWAY. That "disc" is just going to be lost in the area between the driver's seat and center console. Everyone knows DVDs are for watching Frozen with your children when there is a global pandemic and your streaming service of choice is experiencing interruptions!

Let's get simple together!


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Built with the end user in mind

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Quick and secure file sharing

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Industry standard security and HIPPA compliant

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Easily connect with anyone

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Access from anywhere

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Free up time

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